Bali really needs no introduction. It is one of the premier tourist destinations in the world having an amazing combination of spectacular beaches, striking volcanoes, picturesque rice paddies as well as an incredibly rich and vibrant culture and an open and friendly people.

Bali receives thousands of visitors from all over the world every year, and as a result is relatively easy to get to with direct flights from most parts of the world to Denpasar airport, and most things that you would need are readily available including good medical care, and most western goods and services.

The majority of tourists to Bali stay within 30 minutes of the airport either at the huge self-contained 5 star hotels that hug the beach at Nusa Dua or in the crowded budget tourist accommodation along Kuta & Legian beach which is the centre in Bali for surfing, shopping and partying.

In the past 20 years though visitors have increasingly discovered that there is much much more to Bali if you get out of the traditional tourist areas of Kuta and Nusa Dua and go out and explore, and increasingly great accommodation options in new areas have appeared.

First better quality accommodation started to spring up in Seminyak and latterly Canggu & Echo Beach areas as visitors followed the great beach and the surfers to the area just to the north of Kuta and Legian. Seminyak soon developed into a location with great beach front bars and restaurants such as Ku-De-Ta and the best shopping in Bali but also with the crowds and traffic that comes with such development. Canggu being a more recent development still has some of the beautiful green rice fields views of old, and has a more laid-back surfer vibe to it than the swanky Seminyak, but is just that bit further away from everything.

Ubud, which lies among picturesque rice paddies in the foot hills of the massive volcanoes in the centre of the island, also became increasingly popular. Ubud remains to this day the cultural centre for Bali, and while it has in recent years experienced a huge increase in the numbers of visitors, it still retains its relaxed charm, with great restaurants, fascinating culture and the fantastic rice paddy views that have rightly made it so famous.

More adventurous visitors then discovered the fantastic diving and snorkeling in East Bali around Candidasa, and the great scenery and a more laid back vibe reminiscent of a time gone by that still is the feel of East Bali to this day.

Ungasan & the Bukit

More recently visitors have discovered the delights of Jimbaran and Bukit area which includes Ungasan. The "Bukit" (literally "Hill" in Indonesian) is very different to other parts of Bali having limestone rather than volcanic soil, and therefore having none of the green rice field views associated with the rest of Bali.

But what the Bukit and Ungasan lacked in greenery it made up for with spectacular cliff top views, white sand idyllic beaches situated in picturesque little coves, and increasingly some of the best and most spectacular bars, restaurants and accommodation that Bali has to offer, many situated on dramatic locations on the tops of cliffs, or next to the fantastic heaches.

Ungasan lies at the centre of the Bukit, making it by far the best location to be based to be able to get out and experience all that the Bukit area and Bali have to offer. Some of the top hotels in Bali if not the world have located to Ungasan, and for the same reasons the owners of Villa Champa decided to locate their villa there as well.

Ungasan has always been a convenient 20 minutes from the airport mostly by dual carriageway, and every location around the Bukit can easily be reached within 10 to 15 minutes by car, including Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Balangan, Bingin and Padang-Padang. Recntly a new road has been built bypassing the airport, Kuta and Seminyak areas meaning that the rest of Bali is even more easily accessible from Ungasan.

Ungasan itself has a large range of shops, restaurants and supermarkets, as well as waterparks (Nirmala that is walking distance from Villa Champa) and the world famous GWK Bali Cultural Centre is also located in Ungasan, all in all making it a great place to base y

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